Building Your Own Tiny Home On Wheels

building third tiny houseYou have decided that a tiny home on wheels is for you.  You don’t just want to buy it, you want to plan it out so it functions according to your tastes and needs.  Where do you go and who do have a discussion with to make your personal vision or dream happen?  How do you acquire your materials?  What do you model your home on? Answers to these questions can be found on a domestic or international level.

Websites You Can Look Up For Tiny Home On Wheel Plans

transporting the tiny homeThe tiny home on wheels movement is popular in many countries.  At some places where they build tiny homes on wheels,  they will only sell a chosen finished product.  Other constructors are much more flexible.  They will sell the tiny home on wheels plans, design a new plan with you or only build half the house so you can finish the outside yourself.   You can even find places that will give you all the parts you need to allow you to assemble the home yourself.  Here are some examples of those places.

Canada in British Colombia.  They have a series of videos on how to build your own tiny home on wheels.  Rewild Homes, also in British Colombia will build your tiny home on wheels half way if you so desire, to allow you to give it the look you want.  Their website is located in Alberta, Canada will not give you any design plans but they will make any changes to their floor plans to make you happy.

In the province of Quebec, there is the site for “habitation micro”.  Use these words in a search engine like yahoo. They work with you so you can build your tiny home from scratch.

American  Tumbleweed Homes located in the state of Colorado

American Tiny Homes https://www.americantinyhome .com located in Miami Florida.  Here you receive all the materials you need to build your tiny home on wheels.  The homes are preconceived models, but there are quite a few to choose from.

For Detroit, you have this site

In Houston, Texas we have American Tiny House  They will sell a shell to a completed house.

Katikati, New Zealand

Another New Zealand one that sells plans is

England, for build and partly build tiny homes.  Press tiny home plans. Press design.  They sell designs as well as already made tiny homes on wheels.

E-Books On Tiny Home On Wheels Building.

Amazon Kindle’s e-books have numerous titles on tiny homes.  Several of them focus on building your tiny home on wheels from scratch. An example is a short e-book called “Tiny Houses: Tiny Houses Example Plans For The Perfect Tiny House Design” by Emerson Woods, which I downloaded for free.

In this e-book Woods states that the tiny home trend is strong in Europe.  This fact leaves the door open for a lot of potential help from people that have not been met yet.

In chapter seven Woods, makes a list of common mistakes the first time tiny home on wheels builders make.  They are “use of trailer with inefficient load capacity, use of windows with equal size of cough opening, use of aluminium window, roof is not vented, inappropriate adjustment of heater, inefficient behavior by not insulating under the trailer, did install the siding without considering aerodynamics and placing outdoor water heater in the bathroom “.

Other Amazon books and Kindle e-books are available for container home building.  You may wonder why I include containers homes in a blog dedicated to tiny homes on wheels.  After all, most container homes don’t appear to be on wheels, but that does not mean they cannot be.

Kobo Rakuten also has some e-books on the subject, but fewer than Kindle.  Two of their titles sound helpful to people who would like to build their home from scratch.  The first is called”Tiny Houses Build With Recycled Material: Inspiration For Constructing Tiny Homes Using Salvaged and Reclaimed Supplies” by Ryan Mitchell, selling for 29.99 Cad.

The second e-book is called “Shipping Container Home: For Cheap and Live Mortgage-Free For Life” by John Clark, selling for 3.74 CAD.

One independent book series on building your own container home is found here at this site.

They are do it yourself books.

If you wish to listen to a DVD on a container home building you can go here.

It is called “Building Your Own Container Home”.

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