Tiny Homes On Wheels: Dee William’s “The Big Tiny” Book Review.

I have blogged about American Dee Williams before at https://tinyhomesonwheelsfornorthamericans.com/the-tiny-home-on-wheels-dee-williams-built/ . That post was written before I read her book the “Big Tiny” which is about her life during the time she built her first tiny house and lived in it for twelve years. It was written between 2012 and 2014 and published in 2014.

Dee Williams Book

The book is available in both paperback and e-book format at Amazon and Amazon Kindle. It is published by Penguin books.

You will get to read in detail what lead Dee Williams to choose to live in a Tiny House with her dog Roodee and live within the backyard of friends in Olympia Washington.

If you have ever followed her, you will recognized many of the things she has said before in interviews, but this time you will also have it in writing. If you have never heard of Dee Williams up until now, you will be surprised by her insight, particularly if you have never thought about living in a tiny home on wheels before.

Reading about Dee Williams’s experience as a tiny house dweller will definitely give you a good idea about what it is like to be one. It will inform you of many situations to expect if you are thinking of living in a Tiny House.

Dee Williams Revaluated Her Life Before Living In Her Tiny House.

There is nothing new about a future tiny home inhabitant reexamining his or her lifestyle before coming to the conclusion that living in a small space is the right move for them. It has been done hundreds of times. It tends to be an unofficial prerequisite. Agreeing to make the changes to conform to tiny house living takes some introspective. Often a crisis causes the introspective to occur.

Doing House Chores
House costs
The Cost of Home Maintenance.

Her heart doctor told her she had to slow down. She wondered how she could and by chance came across an article about Jay Shafer written in a magazine in the doctor’s office. I did a blog on Jay Shafer at https://tinyhomesonwheelsfornorthamericans.com/the-tiny-home-on-wheels-jay-shafer-built/ . She became intrigued and tracked down Mr. Shafer to have a discussion with him about Tiny house living. After she met him she knew that living in a tiny home on wheels was the solution to her problems.

The maintenance costs and housework would be minimal. She would spend less time working to pay for the stuff inside her home as well as less time cleaning it.

She sold her house and went about the business of having her tiny house built for her and her dog without running water or electricity. Going off the grid was what she chose. She would install her home in the backyard of friends after they invited her and use their facilities.

There she was happy eighty-five percent of the time. Sometimes she wondered that as a middle-class woman she should not want more, as if that was a responsibility.

William’s Environment Is Supportive In Her Project To Live In A Tiny House.

Dee was fortunate that most of the people that surrounded her were supportive of her desire to live in a small house. She does not receive criticism from her family. Her father and brother even helped her with the construction. This situation would not be true of all families. Some people just don’t understand the fascination with tiny homes on wheels.

They could hinder your progress instead of helping it move along. If you want to cut down on housework and bills they could tell you to rent a room instead. There is no need to live in a claustrophobic manner in a tiny house.

hindering or helping
Hindering Or Helping Someone.

Dee’s neighbors were also helpful people that came to her aid with the building of her tiny house. If anyone had a problem with what she was accomplishing they kept their mouth shut about it. She did not get any notice about possibly building an unlawful structure.

The worst situation she had to deal with was finding a reason within the law for having installed the house in her friends’ backyard. She was able to resolve that issue. I will not mention how so as not to give everything in her book away. I just want to make it clear that she was lucky. She could have encountered more hassles along the way.

She did show an awareness of her fortunate circumstances and expressed gratitude for her circumstances. She was helpful to the friends who let her live in her house in their backyard.

Williams Had TO Make Some Personal Sacrifices When She Chose To Live In A Tiny Home.

The transition from living in a regular size house to a small one was not necessarily easy for Dee all the time. She had to become a minimalist and that meant she had to give up many possessions she had cherished for years. She gave away things as presents to friends and charity and felt she was doing a good action but that does not mean she did not cry somewhat during the process.

letting go
Learning To Let Go.

Change does not come easy for many people and Dee was not any different. She had developed an emotional attachment to various objects. She had to teach herself to let go of them as just material things.

It helped to focus on the fact that these objects would get a second chance at bringing joy to other people’s lives. She visualized how they might react when they received their gifts for she did put much thought into who would get each item.

She also had to give up some of her pride and independence to learn to accept help from other members of her community. She had mostly been “I can do it on my own” type of person before having her first tiny house build.

Williams Memoir Is A Positive Story About How A Tiny House Changed A Woman’s Life For The Better.

Dee’s decision to live in a tiny house improved her health. It also brought many positive thinking people into her life. Her overall level of happiness has been quite high.

She did not run into major problems finding a place too install her tiny house as some owners have but her experience is still valuable. Her insight into how to get along with her neighbors and how she fits into her neighborhood is an example of cooperation.

It has made her more thrifty in the sense that she prefers that an object be used often instead of just gathering dust at home. If there is any chance of it becoming useless she will give to someone to make useful again.

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7 thoughts on “Tiny Homes On Wheels: Dee William’s “The Big Tiny” Book Review.”

  1. In my opinion, nothing is better than living in a small house. I say this because this little house has changed her life for the better, even though Williams has made a lot of sacrifices for this. I think each of us must learn that if you really want to do something, it is possible. This story has inspired me a lot and if you don’t mind I would like to share it on my social media accounts where I have many friends who will feel what I felt.
    Thank you very much for this article. Wish you all the best!

  2. Hello Marina, what an interesting thought just to slow down and live with much less stuff. I am sure we all have too much lifeless objects around us which cost us a lot of money. But I would really be interested how life in such a small surrounding would be. And is this know in Europe as well? Where will you put your home on wheels? You might have to buy land? Is there any experience in a European country or is it only know in North America?

    1. Yes, Angleika, there are tiny houses in Europe.  I did do a blog about a company in France called “Baluchon” that builds them from scratch.  Their actual website is in French but perhaps you understand the language.  I did translate some of the information.

  3. The smaller the house is, the fewer chores and sacrifices are to be made to keep it in one place. I like the idea, and I’m living in a small house today. Thanks for sharing your opinion about this book and sharing your views on this topic. It’s amazing to see how the decision to live in a small house has changed this woman’s world. Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi I would like to thank you for this amazing, interesting post about Dee Williams and her life in a tiny house. From the moment I started reading your article I just couldn’t stop as I thought it was so interesting and different. I was so intrigued by this lifestyle and will definitely be looking at reading her books. 

  5. Hey,”A delightful encounter with the Tina Fey of the sustainability world, an empowered woman unafraid to admit she accidentally glued her hair to her house, as well as an incisive thinker on contemporary experience. Williams does more than share the travails of building, moving into and living in her bitty abode. She writes a down-to-earth manifesto for living life with intention and for geeking out, diving in, caring too deeply and trying too hard in general.”—Mary Louise Schumacher, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel . Thanks for writing an awesome review.

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