Professional Tiny Homes On Wheels Builders In Canada

In my first post, I mentioned that finding a professional tiny home on wheels flag of Canadabuilder in Canada can be just as tiring as going to the U.S. to get one since in a vast country there would be a lot of traveling to do for something that is still not mainstream.

You might, however, depending on where you live in the country be living close to a tiny home on wheels builder.  Buying one of these homes in Canada would likely mean they would be set up to combat harsh cold winters.

It would thus be worthwhile to list a few builders.  So I did an internet search to see what I would find.

Professional Tiny Homes On Wheels Builders In British Colombia.

Flag of British Colombia

Here you have  located in the south of the province.  There you have V houses.  The V is for versatility.  Another type of tiny trailer home is referred to as an Acorn House.

On Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is where are located.  They build trailers, semi-finished tiny homes on wheels or completely finished ones. is located in Fernie.  They deliver tiny homes to any place in Canada. are in Vancouver.  Sometimes this link does not work properly.  If you put mint tiny homes in one of the big search engines though, you should find it.

https// is located in Armstrong, British Colombia.

That is all for that province which happens to be a fair amount.  It makes one wonder if there are any tiny homes on wheels villages or towns in that province.

Now For The Province Of Alberta.

In Alberta, there is in Morinville,Alberta Flag2 found in Carseland and in Calgary

There are not as many builders as British Colombia but there is still a fair amount.  It is possible that some tiny homes on wheels villages or town exist in Alberta.

Next, We Have The Province Of Saskatchewan.flag of Sask

Saskatchewan does not appear to have much going on in the tiny home on wheels department.  It seems some people sell them but they don’t build them.  If they have them they may import them from elsewhere in the country or the states.

Let us Go to The Province Of Manitoba

Nothing appears to be happening here.Second Manitoba

Then we are in The Province Of Ontario.Second Ontario Flag

There is a builder in Toronto, Ontario.  They are called the Tiny House Construction Company.  The link is  .  You can’t see their location on their website.  You have to press the instagram or facebook icon on their site to find out they are located in Toronto, Canada.  If you press the other icons they have up will see samples of former tiny homes on wheels they have build.

On to The Province Of Quebec located in Gatineau.  In Quebec City,Flag of Quebec there is the company Cabane found at

There is also in Quebec City Habitations MicroEvolution a company of self-builders at

There is also Minimalist Houses at that will build a tiny house for you or help you build one.

Finally, in Quebec City, there is Mini-Maison Quebec- Tiny-House Quebec at

The Province Of New Brunswick FollowsFlag of New Brunwick

No tiny homes on wheels seem to be built in this province.

Next, We Land In Nova Scotia

They have 

and do not have much else.second Nova Scotia Flag

Prince Edward Island

This is a website I came across while I was researching P.E.I.  I am not sure if tiny house swoon is written and published there.  It seems the site came up because asecond PEI picture was taken in the province of someone’s tiny house.  The site does have samples Canadian builders work on tiny homes on wheels, but they don’t seem to be from P.E.I.

The Province Of Newfoundland

Rolling Cabins at The company has not been there for a long time.  Roll down the site page until you see a red truck with an article second Newfoundland Flagon Newfoundland.

Yukon, The Northwest Territories, and Nunavut

No builders are over there in any of these places.

Second Yukon

second North West T

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