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The Canadian province of British Colombia has a good number of tiny homes on wheels builders.  You can read my blog on Tiny Home Builders In Canada to realize it has the most builders than any other province.  What does this fact mean on a day to day basis?

British Colombia has much-undeveloped land which provides the needed country tiny homes on wheels need to get installed.  It is where the rules for tiny house installations are the most flexible.  If tiny homes on wheels owners make an attempt to install themselves in the city they run in the usual zoning and coding challenges.

Despite the challenges, there are many activities going on concerning the tiny house movement in Canada.  Some are of individuals wanting to install themselves on their own in a particular area, while others want to install themselves as a group, a village or community.  The tiny house builders know about these desires and are catering towards them no matter what the law currently states the rules are concerning these wants.

Tiny Home On Wheels Activism In British Colombia.

Sam Gambling and Anastasia Koutalianos co-founded the British Colombia Tiny House Collective to legitimize and legalize tiny houses in the province.  They presently have thousands of people supporting them, and over a hundred volunteers to help with everything from building tiny houses and analyzing research data, to updating their website.  They have a three-prong approach to legalizing tiny houses.

  1. Educate and Engage: with the community
  2. Research: to find out who is interested in tiny houses, and what the barriers are to having them legalized in Vancouver and municipalities across British Colombia.
  3.  Pilot Projects: to observe and reflect on what works and what does not before legalizing on a large scale.  Here is a youtube video with the two ladies explaining themselves.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbhNJ62Udk0

They also have a website at http://bctinyhousecollective.com/  

There is also a youtube video on Sam Gambling at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HRU2UD8rNg  

Even though she knew tiny homes were not legal in the city she went and ahead and hired a constructor and started building her tiny home in 2016 anyway.  After a few months, she realized it was more difficult than she had thought to find an urban parking spot for a tiny house.  She did receive many offers to park her home in rural areas though.

After meeting other people in the tiny house movement who were encountering the same issue, she co-founded the B.C.Tiny house Collective with Anastasia Koutalianos.

Tiny homes on wheels villages that have been created in B.C.

The first tiny homes on wheels communities or villages in Canada have been created in the province of British Colombia.  They are not located in the cities but can be a couple of minutes drive away from a city or town.  One such place in B.C. is Terrace.

Information on this tiny house village can be found at http://www.hummingbirdmicrohomes.com/tiny-home-villages and


Another community could be established in Abbotsford, B. C. Kayla Feenstra build her own tiny house.  Many people have been impressed with her work and have asked her to construct a tiny home for them.  If Feenstra decides to go into the tiny house building business will that lead to a tiny home on wheels community being established in Abbotsford B. C.?  You never know, it could in that province.

The information about Feenstra’s tiny house is at https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/03/21/tiny-house-on-wheels-abbotsford_n_5003376.html

Here is a piece of B.C. land that in the future will be home to a fully functioning of the grid, solar powered community of tiny homes of which will be placed amongst a network of geodesic dome greenhouses growing organic food.  The first home is already present.  Landlord Kathleen gives you a tour of the property and shares her vision for the future.  The youtube video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRiIxe3GfCs

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