Tiny Home On Wheels Challenges : Part One

loft bedWe all know the pros of owning a tiny home on wheels.  They are cheaper than traditional homes, they cut down on your debt load, they can be made to be environmentally friendly and you can go traveling with them.  What about their cons though?  Life in the tiny house movement is not perfect.  In fact, it does have some irritating cons.  Let us see how these cons can be resolved.

one low ceiling and bed

Challenge 1: Trying Not To Bang Your Head On The Inside Of The Loft Roof.

Numerous tiny homes on wheels have lofts at both their ends with the middle ceiling clear for air to circulate.  Most of the time you cannot stand up in these lofts unless you have the largest of the tiny homes on wheels models; the best you can do is sit up.

one green bed and a low ceiling

Depending on the shape of the roof, you may or may not even be able to do so all the way through the loft.  Many times a bedroom is installed in one of these lofts.  A lot of potential headbanging can then occur.  You can then start singing “My Head Hurts So Bad”.

second low ceiling with bed

Depending on how big the section is, you can become claustrophobic from a very small space.  Then imagine having to make the bed in such an amount of space.  It is not an easy chore.

Now, wait a minute, please. Who said that the bedrooms had to be installed in the lofts anyway?  Why not use it for storage space instead?  You could create a sleeping area downstairs with a small room, or if your tiny home is too small use a convertible couch bed.

I have seen some tiny homes designed without even any lofts or second floor.  Of course, you will have to decide if you have enough storage room on the first floor for that tactic to work.

Another solution is possible.  Instead of having a stable non-moving floor where the lofts are normally located, why not have a movable elevator bed?  Bring the bed down to whatever level you need with the press of a button, then store it up high when you don’t.  No more headaches.

elevator bed

Pressing the movable bed button

Challenge 2: Going up a tiny home On Wheels set of stairs is not always a good idea for Grandma and Grandpa.

Many seniors are attracted to the prospect of owning a tiny home on wheels during retirement.   They can sometimes install themselves in their children’s backyards or nearby.  Living in a tiny home on wheels with lofts is not always practical for them.

Ideally, a one-story tiny home on wheels would be more suitable for these couples in case one of them does not have the balance they once had in their youth for going up and down stairs.  Their knees may not bend so easily as they once did when it comes to sitting themselves down inside a loft.

If one story tiny home is not desired, perhaps an elevator lift could be installed.  I have seen a lift installed to get an elderly dog to the second floor of a tiny home on wheels.  Something could surely be done for humans.

The tiniest of the tiny homes on wheels may not be bought for this endeavor due to lack of space, but the possibility is still there for the bigger models when you have a constructor who will listen to personal needs.

They just need to be careful of the materials they use, to prevent too much weight from accumulating onto the trailer part of the home but this problem is the same with anything installed in a tiny house.

Challenge 3: Getting Visitors To Understand How The Compost Toilet Works.

Toilet for composting

This challenge idea came to after watching a youtube video on the downside of tiny house living.  The lady in the video stated that most people did not know how to use a composting toilet properly despite her attempt of leaving clear instructions on the bathroom wall.

Composting toilets appear to be the norm amongst tiny home on wheel dwellers.  It is part of creating a more sustainable way of living.  Could these dwellers just use another type of toilet? Maybe? Most of them don’t seem interested in doing so.  They just get frustrated when you don’t understand how to use them.

Since I want to own one of these homes myself one day, I made my attempt at understanding them and will now find ways to explain it to you the best way that I can.  No, I have never used a composting toilet before.  I found some youtube videos on the subjects instead.



Okay, there are not any instructions being stated on how to sit on a composting toilet but I think it is safe to presume you aim to have your pee go towards the front and your poop towards the back.

Challenge 4: Finding A Place To Put Your Tiny Home On Wheels.

unwanted tiny homes

tiny deemed unsuitable

You cannot install a tiny home on wheels just anywhere you wish.  Many places ban tiny homes on wheels.  Owners are often viewed as transients that will bring property values down.  This housing choice is felt to lead to lost property tax revenues.

It all has to do with coding and zoning laws.  The code has to do with the unit or structure of a building and its classification which is regulated by national or local bodies.  The question that has to be answered is whether the home on wheels is a housing, RV, Nancy Park Model or IRC unit?  Once the unit has been classified it has to be built according to the rules associated with it.

The zone is the region where the tiny home on wheels is allowed to be.  The zoning starts at the federal level and goes down into lower levels of government right down into an individual plot.  The coding and the zoning laws have to match each other in order for the tiny home on wheels to be installed.

Unfortunately, tiny homes on wheels do not always fit universally into coding and zoning laws.  They are always smaller than the permitted size for a house.  Finding a community that is zoned properly for tiny homes on wheels is sometimes difficult.  Some people go to places where there is no zoning or open zoning or just attempt to live off the radar somewhere.

In contrast to these difficulties, there is an actual tiny house movement working to find ways to allow people to install their tiny homes on wheels in more and more places.  One youtube documentary about these steps is  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfLAKgJGc2g

I will add more documentaries on this subject as I find them.

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