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There is a tiny house construction company located near Nantes in the north of France called Baluchon. Their website is found at http://www.tinyhouse-baluchon.fr

They have a couple of videos playing on youtube in French.  They deliver their finished product to vast regions of France and surrounding countries, but only there.

You can, however, should you be taking a trip to France, make an appointment to see the company.

The Cofounder-Designer and Designer Engineer Laetitia And Other Members Of The Company.

Laetitia discovered the “small house movement” on the internet by chance.  This tiny house belonging to laetitiatype of dwelling really spoke to her.  She left the capital city to realize her dream of self-construction in her native city: Nantes.  After several months of conceptualizing/fabricating and support from those close to her, the tiny house mounted itself little by little on a family plot of land and building site and was finished at the beginning of summer 2015.

She then organized weekends called ” My Door is Opened” to share her experience with future self-constructors.  Educated in Industriel design, specializing in product and space, Laetitia, sees in the tiny house a place of experimentation and wonderful creativity, in mid-path between the objects of design and architecture.

She co-founded in 2016 the Baluchon Company with Vincent, so she could follow as a team the tiny adventure.  Laetitia primarily takes care of the architecture conception and the management of the tiny houses, in function with the needs of future dwellers of course.

Other members of the company are Vincent the co-founder and eco-constructor technician, Charles the carpenter, Yohann the joiner carpenter, Jordan another joiner carpenter, Cotentin a joiner carpenter apprentice, Apex the dog, company companion, Dédier the mobile sawyer, Thierry the electrician, Jean-Philippe the plumber and Marc-Oliver the trailer maker.

The Challenges They Faced When Building Their First Tiny House.

All their books on tiny house building come from the United States, which meantTiny dog house belonging to Apex they were all in English.  France also uses the metric measuring system while the states use the imperial one.

They had doubts about what they were doing, but with the help of their friends, they got through the project of building their first tiny house.  They even made a tiny dog house for Apex.

A youtube video in french documenting the construction is found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXoZM_Of8i8

Books on tiny house construction are available at Amazon.ca

Laetitia Wanted To Build A Tiny House For Herself.

The reasons Laetitia wanted to build her own tiny home are the same universal reasons people in the United States and Canada wish to build theirs.  A tiny house does not require as much care as a big house.  You can use it for traveling.  You don’t have to sacrifice all your life to pay for your home.  she does not want to have to take a job she does not like to pay off her house.  Tiny houses can be built to be very eco-friendly.  A big house will be greedy in terms of energy.

After Laetitia Completed Her Tiny Home Other People Wanted Her And Her Company To Build Tiny Houses For Them.

Once her tiny home was completed and Laetitia held “My Door Is Open” events in her neighborhood for people to come to see her tiny home inside and out.  It was a huge success.  Some people asked for building plans while others asked to have a tiny home on wheels built by her and her company.  There are videos in French on other tiny houses they constructed.  Here is one on the tiny house called Avonlea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwYGaIBFCm4

The owner’s name is Frederique and she wanted a tiny house because she wanted all of her belongings to be together and she wanted to be independent.  She is a librarian and that is it.  For her, a big house is a source of stress.  She does not feel like managing one.

She is happy to know that everything she loves surrounds her.  Everything she posses is there.  She could put her home in different places or she could move to Ireland or Scotland if she felt like it.  Moving is easy with a tiny house.

She decided not to build her own tiny house because she is not good with construction. Besides that, she does not have the time to build a tiny home.  She will probably regret it at some point because when you construct it yourself you go through many personal reflexions.  On the other hand, however, she would never have been able to such good work.

This tiny house corresponds to her.  When they thought together at Baluchon, they really thought about what she wanted, what was important to her.  They made a place for her dogs to lie in.  They thought about how she wanted her kitchen and bathroom.

All of a sudden she is in the house she imagined.  She is not sure everyone gets to live in the home they imagined.  The house you drew as a child.  It is wonderful.  She worked with Baluchon because they were nearby.  A friend offered her some land to put her house on.  She is able to do all the activities she loves in her tiny house.

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