Tiny Homes On Wheels – The Art Of Downsizing

The tiny home on wheels movement can essentially be summed up into one word: downsizing. Downsizing means living in a smaller house or trailer than tiny house made of woodwhat has been traditionally viewed as normal sized. You are not to waste small amounts of space that could be used for furniture that serves more than one purpose.

Tiny homes on wheels are environmentally friendly. The home is smaller than the norm and will consume less energy.

It is about figuring what are the essentials you need in your life, living with them, being content with them, savoring them and becoming more spiritual.

It is getting your debt load to go as low as possible.

Some may view this lifestyle as difficult to achieve but is it really? Maybe it is just about people making better choices. There are already many products available to allow people to use in small spaces to the maximum without making them feel they are missing out on something.

People have been downsizing for a good amount of time already for different reasons even if they are not living in tiny homes. In fact, a good majority of us have already become prepared to live in tiny homes even if we are not currently doing so.

The High Cost Of Housing In Montreal and other Cities Have Caused People To Downsize Their Living Conditions.

Tiny House with wheels

The cost of housing is constantly going up in many cities around the world. In Montreal, many people have been obliged to rent smaller apartments than what they would have chosen in the past. The situation has caused them to downsize on the amount of furniture they use, or use multi-functional furniture just like tiny home on wheel owners would do.

They may use stackable chairs for when company comes over. The chairs can be spread out temporarily in a small amount of space but not permanently as they then become too cumbersome. The ability to stack them one on top of the other to store in a small space solves the problem.

Stores sell objects to help people use closet space to the maximum. Yet the purchaser will still have to choose with care what goes into that space just like a tiny home dweller would.

Electronics Have Already Made Us Downsize Considerably On Many Objects.

Computers have helped us downsize in the past and they continue to do so in the present. Once you would have had to stack hundreds of books on shelves now you can get the e-book format of many books and store them in a small thin tablet. You can even purchase an electronic dictionary that fits into the palm of your hand. The love for books has not been sacrificed. Some very old books may still not be found in electronic format, but that may just be a matter of time. You may keep some old fashion books with you but it won’t be as many as before.

Cover of webster eletronic dictonary

You can convert the music on vinyl records onto a small Webster open electronic dictionaryUSB key with a special record player. This ability to convert means you can take a vinyl collection of numerous records and reduce them to a couple of USB keys. The love of music has not been given up.

Computers are also mulit-functional. They can play the radio, television shows and rent movies with a click of a button. Less DVDs are used for entertainment yet it is still alive and well. Computers, as well as television, have become thinner and at times are mounted on walls, taking up an amount of space they would not have taken two decades ago.

Technology has made us downsize on our objects used for entertainment or work, yet we are not missing out on anything. We actually are more functional. Tiny home dwellers on wheels also use these electronic devices when they downsize.

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