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What do you do if you are not sure if a tiny home on wheels is meant for you?  You will wish to experience what it is like to live in one before making a decision and a purchase.  How can you do that?  In Portland, Oregon you can stay in one of two Tiny House Hotels for a couple of Nights.  The first tiny house that came into existence in the U.S. is called Caravan and the second is the Tiny Digs Hotel. 

If you prefer a tiny house hotel with more homes on wheels than these two hotels, you can go to Lyons, Colorado to stay at Weecasa were there are twenty-two tiny house available for lodgings.  It is the biggest tiny house Hotel in America.

Caravan Tiny House Hotel’s Website is located at http://tinyhousehotel.com/  and The Tiny Digs Hotel is at http://www.tinydigshotel.com/ .  Weecasa’s site is at https://weecasa.com/ 

The History Of The Hotels.

Caravan Tiny House Hotel is owned by Deb Delman and Kol Peterson both lovers of tiny homes on wheels.  Feeling a need to share their admiration for cozy spaces with many people, the wife and husband team have spent the last several years changing an empty lot, once used for repossessed cars, into America’s first tiny house hotel.  Acquiring granted space for tiny houses in the heart of the city is not a simple job.

The couple spent 12 months laboring with the city to figure out the code that would allow the parking of tiny homes on wheels in the city of Portland.  Finally, they zoned the empty lot as a recreation park, not a recreational vehicle park.  The tiny houses are connected to city water, sewer, electricity and are zoned as traveler’s accommodations, a hotel area.

The Tiny Digs Hotel is owned by Pam and Bruce Westra.  They lived in a recreational vehicle for 7 years and wanted to continue exploring living in small places in their new hometown Portland, Oregon.  They found a partner in fellow recreational vehicler Allison Meyer and they began building tiny homes on wheels along with the help of their son Kevin to change an old parking lot into a tiny house hotel.

Pam Westra states that tiny house building makes her reminisce back to her childhood when she was putting up blankets to make a tent or finding pieces of wood to build a fort.  The whole process brings out the child in her.

Weecasa came into existence in 2013 when many properties were lost due to what some people refer to as a thousand year flood in Lyon, Colorado.  Included in the damage of that flood were many RVs.  The owner of the land was looking for some partners to come in to find new things to do with the 10 acres of property. The region tends to bring many weddings to town.  They thought that these people should have the opportunity to stay somewhere while they were in their neighborhood.  The idea of a tiny house hotel then came to light.

They have installed 22 different types of tiny houses constructed by 10 different builders.  Some are quirky, some are build to exactly like a hotel room, and others are singled off so you will never see another one just like it.  

The Different Types Of Tiny Homes On Wheels.

Caravan Tiny House Hotel leases their houses from local people who have built them.  I am currently using a youtube video report as a reference as to what they have available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7njaiLK-lw .  The information could be a little outdated and the hotel owners do rotate their houses so the information may not be exactly like in the video.  Also, the owners seemed to have gone from renting out four tiny homes to six since the filming of the video.  The first tiny house to come into view is called the Rose Bud.  It is made of varnished wood.

This Tiny house was built by a man named Hal who had a wife who was sick and he had to stay at home to take care of her.  He had never constructed anything before the Rose Bud, but still did an amazing job with it.  The next Tiny house is called The Pearl.  It is light purple with brown wood.  It was built by Shelter Wise.  The next tiny house they have is called the Tandem and it is the largest home they have on the lot.  It is red and brown with a green door.  It feels spacious for a tiny house.  The framing was found on Craigslist as well as other parts.

Lets find out what is available at The Tiny Digs Hotel.  The youtube video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc8o01Kf6zY .  The first tiny house to make its appearance is the Gypsy Wagon.  It has varnished brown wood with purple trimmings.  The bed is on the ground floor.  The rest of the houses have a second story loft with a bed on it.

Following the Gypsy Wagon is the oriental themed Bamboo House made partly with bamboo and chard black wood.  Then the Log Cabin made to look like an old fashion pioneer house and the brown wooded Modern House.  The Barn has a dutch door with red and black as its colours, and is dog-friendly.  The last house, The Beach House is painted in white.

At the Weecasa Tiny House Hotel, there are a variety of tiny homes.  Some are rectangular, square or caboose shape.  There is one house called The Hobbit with a wavy roof and round door.  The website is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98cA93bElno .  They can rotate the homes at any time to bring in some new ones.

How Real Is The Tiny House Hotel Experience?

The goal of a tiny house hotel is to give clients an authentic experience of what it is like to live in a tiny home and within a tiny home community as much as possible.  These three hotels are good at that task.  The only things I find missing are the uses of compost toilets and solar panel energy.  Perhaps I have been witnessing the more extreme tiny house dwellers at work.  Maybe the more moderate ones still use flush toilets and connect city electric outlets.

These hotels are good at creating the atmosphere of a tiny house community.  Guests all have an area behind the houses where they can gather together to talk and discuss anything, have picnics and barbeques.  They can bring their children with them to meet other children to play with.

Tiny House Hotels Give People A General Idea Of What Living In A Tiny Home is like.

If you want to find out if tiny house living is for you, staying in one of these American Tiny House Hotels for a couple of days is the way to do it.  You will be exposed to different types and styles of tiny homes on wheels.  You will experience what it is like to live in a tiny house community.


Pictures were taken from Yahoo Images.  The youtube videos used in this blog were not of my creation.

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  1. What a brilliant hotel idea. I’m also a lover of tiny homes on wheels. I love the idea of being able to move your home from one location to another at anytime. I’m hoping to get one soon. I never knew until now that it could be an hotel business. I’ll be sure to use that if I find one when next I travel. 

  2. I love that there are tiny home hotels!  What a great way to test out this kind of house.  Like you say you don’t experience the solar and composting toilets, but other than that I think a person can get a bit of an idea what it would be like to live in a tiny home.  I have seen some tiny homes before not on wheels, I guess the purpose of having one on wheels is you could use it as a travel home as well.  Not being limited to staying in one place forever.  That idea somehow appeals to me.  Thanks for the article.  I’m going to check one these out next time we are traveling in those areas.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post. Though I have never experienced what is like to live in rainy home or hostel but your post has really provided great insights into what is all about. I will bookmark this page and I hope it will be useful during my next vacation because I will like to visit this hotel and check things out.

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