Tiny Homes On Wheels: Oregon, America

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Oregon is an American State that has much going on in terms of Tiny Homes On Wheels settlements.  Portland, Oregon appears to be sharing a good portion of the action, yet the action is still not limited to that area of the state.  Eugene, Oregon also has tiny housing projects going on.

Overall in Oregon, it may be Tiny homes hotels, construction companies, communities, a place to help you get a tiny home build for you or, shelters for the homeless etc, there is always some project going on with tiny homes.  There may even be more happening than I am currently aware of.

Portland, Oregon Tiny Homes On Wheels Hotels.

Caravan the Tiny House Hotel site is located at http://tinyhousehotel.com

The aim of the hotel is to give visitors the experience of living in a tiny home on wheels.  They are located in the Alberta Arts District, Portland.  Their tiny houses are built by local builders and range in size from 120-170 square feet.  Every tiny home has “creative, funky, artistic design elements coupled with multi-functional, space-efficient furnishings”.  Their tiny houses have “flush toilets, hot showers, electric heat, a sitting area, a kitchen and lots of locally made art and sustainable, Fair Trade products”.

To me, the above description is that of luxurious tiny homes on wheels.  Most of the everyday folk I have heard of who live in tiny homes on wheels use a compost toilet.  Water and electricity appear to be available in a very easy manner like they would be in a regular size house with these hotel tiny houses.  This is not always the case with tiny homes on wheels dwellers.  If they want electricity, they have to set some system up like solar panels or hook their tiny home to another regular house or trailer park grid.  The same can be said about water.

I think the guess tiny home experience will be limited with this hotel.  Still, they do help change the perception some people have that tiny homes are somehow trashy.  The hotel managers do seem to go out of their way to create an authentic tiny home on wheels community.  This action demonstrates a positive aspect of tiny house living.

Another tiny home on wheels hotel is http://www.tinydigshotel.com

It is located in the hip Kerns neighborhood, near NE 28th and E Burnside in Portland.  In my opinion, they are also luxurious tiny homes on wheels.

Portland Tiny House Construction Companies.

Oregon has many growing tiny home on wheels communities.  They have a good number of tiny home builders.  Here is a list of them.  http://www.innovatetiny.com/


http://richsportablecabins.com     http://www.tinyheirloom.com

http://www.shelterwise.com       http://www.tinymountainhouses.com

http://oregoncottagecompany.net     http://www.tinyhomeoregan.com

http://www.smallhomeoregan.net     http://tinysmarthouse.com

http://tongueandgroovehomes.com   http://www.daystarttinyhomes.com

http://www.sotinyhomes.com            http://www.truformtiny.com

http://www.thimblehomes.com         http://backyardbungalows.net




There are nineteen companies who construct tiny homes on wheels.  That is a higher number than in all of Canada.

Portland Alternative Dwellings, PAD

Here is their website https://padtinyhouses.com

Portland Alternative Dwellings describes itself as “PAD  helps people change their homes to change their lives.  Founded by tiny house icon Dee Williams, PAD’s ebooks construction plans and in-person education teaches do-it-yourselfers to create homes that support the lives they want to live”.

They sell tiny home designs.  They have free resources.  Articles that answer the question “Are Tiny Houses Legal In Portland Now?  Not Exactly, But They’re ‘Allowed'”.

I read that article because I was curious about the answer.  They are allowed because the laws about camping in tiny homes and R.V.s will no longer be enforced.  This action is due to the rising costs of housing.  Commissioner Eudaly wants fewer people sleeping on the streets.

In South Portland, Tiny Homes Could Be Tested Without Long-term Zoning Changes.

An article that was run in the Portland newspaper The Forecaster written by Juliette Laaka at http://https//www.pressherald.com/2018/07/25/south-portland-considers-tiny-houses-suburbia-is-dead/

will allow tiny homes to be installed in the city.  Councilor Ebon Rose wanted the city to become educated about these “increasingly popular and non-traditional single-family home styles”s.  It is possible to adapt zoning and code laws to allow for this type of living.  This proposal would not have been possible in the past.  People would have been worried about the value of their homes going down if they allowed tiny homes on wheels to install themselves. Hard economic times are changing people’s attitude about tiny houses.

Portland, Tiny House Backyard Community.

There have been tiny home on wheels communities being formed in Portland.  You can watch such a story at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VG0Ikpl41k

One couple own and live in the house.  They have three tiny home on wheels dwellers living in their backyard.  They share the cost of the rent and food together.  They also grow a garden together.  An earlier video on the community can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEdXENSp3N4

Eugene, Oregon Creates Cheap Tiny Housing For The Homeless.

In Eugene Oregon, they have tiny homes without running water or toilets to temporarily house the homeless until they find better accommodations.  The bathrooms, showers, kitchen, and meeting rooms are found in separate buildings nearby.  The small houses do not have wheels all the time but can have them when they are being moved.  The short film is found here.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qQ0ou3hA10

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