Tiny Homes On Wheels: Florida, America

Florida, the American state where alligators and pelicans live, where snowbirds aka retired people from northern states and Canada flook in winter and where Disney World is located.  These are well-known facts but there is one that is not as well known yet.

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Florida U.S.A. is also a tiny home on wheels friendly state.  There are tiny house hotels, builders, owners, renters, festivals and communities in it.  The popularity of these homes keeps on growing.

It is strange that the tiny house movement is going so well in Florida when you consider that owners of tiny homes on wheels in Florida face the same problems with building codes and zoning laws as do other owners in other states. 

The main difference appears to be owners and prospective owners ability to have positive dialogues with their city council members.  They are then able to find solutions for their tiny houses to be installed somewhere. Tiny homes build according to building codes have also come into existence.

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Tiny Home Hotels In Florida.

Florida, like Portland Oregon can introduce you to tiny house living through some hotels.

The tiny House Siesta Hotel is located in Sarasota, near the beach.  There are 11 homes for rent.  The houses are equipped with a bathroom, kitchen and living room area.  Some include 3 sleeping areas, with some options that include first-level beds.  The rates are $139 to $199 a night. 

There is a Tiny House Vacation Village in Matlacha, Florida http://www.matlachatinyvillage.com/.  The rates are $89 to $103 a night.

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Florida Tiny Home Builders

An article in the online newsletter “Orlando Sentinel” published on Sat Feb 16, 2019, mentions that many tiny houses are being built according to Florida building codes. This compliance allows the homes to be installed in places they were not previously allowed. Older models of tiny homes are restricted to R.V parks.

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Some tiny house builders in Florida are Cornerstone Tiny Homes at https://cornerstonetinyhomes.com, Bear’s Tiny Homes at http://www.bearstinyhomes.com and http://www.tampabayhomes.com. Another website to check out is Tiny House Society at https://www.tinysociety.co/articles/tiny-house-builders-in-florida/. They provide a list of top tiny home builders in florida.

Guidelines For Florida Tiny Home Owners.

Tiny houses in Florida may be installed in a backyard under certain conditions depending on.

  1. What the tiny house will be used for.
  2. Local policies and regulations of tiny houses
  3. The building and safety standards that will apply to the construction of your tiny house.

If you use your tiny home as an art studio the regulatory standards will be lower than if you use it for a dwelling. Another consideration is what uses are legally allowed in a Florida backyard. A good place to begin is with the local zoning code or land development code. Zoning indicates how property can be used.

Zoning codes have two components: the text and the zoning map. The text part will show you what uses are allowed in each district. The map will aid you in identifying what zoning district your land is in. You can also contact the local planning department to find the correct zoning district.

The zoning code will also include development standards, such as setbacks and minimum lot size requirements.

If you are searching for R.V. parks that accept tiny houses go to the website https:conerstonetinyhomes.com/rv-parks-accepting-tiny-homes/

Florida’s Tiny Home Festival.

Florida had a Tiny house Festival in 2017.  It had over 110 tiny structures, schoolies, gypsy wagons, van conversions, airstreams, and vintage campers.  It was hosted by United Tiny House Association https://unitedtinyhouse.com/.   

A third festival took place in St. Johns County, Florida on November 16-18, 2018. Website is found at http://https;//www.staugustinesocial.com/explore-a-new-kind-of-living-at-the-2018-tiny-house-festival/ 

Tiny Home Communities In Florida.

There was an R.V. park in decline at Orlando Lakefront at College Park in Orlando, that suddenly found new business as a tiny house community. This community has room for 53 residents. The monthly rent is between $350-$550 a month.

There are also pocket communities for tiny homes on wheels in Florida.  They consist of no more than twelve homes each with a common backyard.  Some people might think the presence of tiny houses on wheels might bring down the value of a neighborhood as these homes can represent a transient lifestyle.  

A solution was found for this problem.  Tiny home on wheels dwellers had to attach a front and back porches to their houses.  These installations make it difficult for tiny house owners to just disappear in the night.  They would have to go through the trouble of uninstalling their porches and someone would surely notice them doing so. 

It is not a problem if they have a legitimate reason for leaving but if they don’t they may be stopped.

Not everyone in Florida appreciates Tiny houses. A proposition for a tiny house community in Cape Coral, South-West Florida was denied in a city council meeting in December 2018. Residents who were against the idea did not want to live near this type of community. They thought it would bring property values down.

Tiny homes on wheels still make a good percentage of people think “Trailer Park”.

Despite Challenges, Tiny Homes Are Popular In Florida.

Tiny home on wheel owners in Florida face the same difficulties other owners in different area face in finding a place to install their home. What still makes the state a popular place to want to live with a tiny house are constructors who know the Florida building codes well and apply them when putting together a tiny home.

People are introduced to the concepts of tiny houses on wheels through hotels and festivals which makes them less of a mystery. Prejudices against them can be dealt with i open discussions.

There are a number of RV parks that allow for the installation of tiny homes on wheels. This gives a number of tiny homeowners a place to install their homes especially if they are not completely up to building code standards.

Tiny house communities exist and the creation of more are on the way even if they are not always approved. Tiny house owners in some sections of Florida know how to talk to city official about what they can and cannot do in terms of living in a tiny house.

Pictures were taken from Pixaboy.

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8 thoughts on “Tiny Homes On Wheels: Florida, America”

  1. I never thought about Florida as a tiny house friendly state. My vision was about retired people living in beach houses. It’s fascinating to learn that there are many tiny houses communities there. This solution, with back and front porches, is brilliant! Really, how can you run away with 2 porches attached to your house?

    I can understand why some regular house owners are afraid that such a community will cause the property prices to go down, but are there real cases when it did happen? Is there any statistical data that tiny houses closeness has an impact on other houses prices?

    1. I don’t yet if there is any proof that tiny house closeness has an impact on the price of regular size house at this point.  Perhaps there is a fear of a Gypsy style of living, where nomadic people come and go as they please.  The truth is most tiny home on wheel owners don’t move around much, the wheels are there to bypass certain building codes.  There are however careers these days that demand workers move around a lot.  In that case, it is not about being a nomad but adjusting to the job market situation.  Wither tiny house owners are a new type of Gypsy is a subject I will tackle in my next blog. 

  2. This is an interesting article about tiny homes. I knew just a little about them until I got to your website and read a few articles you wrote on them. I never knew there are laws guiding the building of tiny homes according to each location. I got to learn a lot about tiny homes from your articles. Keep up the good work. 

  3. Now, I really have to visit Florida, if not for anything at least to attend these Tiny House Festivals. As a constant traveler, tiny houses have always been my thing, especially those on wheels. I understand the fear of homeowners when it comes to having these tiny houses around their properties but they have to also understand that every individual has a right to their housing preference. It’s a good thing that the authorities are regulating and finding a common ground for the No’s and Aye’s. It’s only a matter of time before everyone gets used to having them as neighbors. 

  4. Dear Marina,

    Thanks for the information. It is a timely post for me. My wife and I plan to have one month vacation in Florida. We plan to rent RV. Now you introduce us the Tiny Home Hotels.

    Looks that the Time Home is cheaper than an RV. I see some just need $300 to $500. If this is true, it will be a great saving for us..

    I try to find locations for such Hotels and cannot locate them. Could you give us some recommendation on such hotels? We would like to travel to as many cities as possible.



    1. Aside from Florida, there are tiny houses in Portland, Oregon and another section of the city.  I did do a blog on the subject under Tiny Homes On Wheels: Oregon and one called Tiny Homes on Wheels: Tiny House Hotels.  Maybe there are more but I have not discovered them yet.

  5. What a nice and educative article on tiny houses in Florida 

    There a lot of benefits I like about tiny houses,which are tiny houses take very little time to clean,they require little maintenance and you can  utilize solar panels to keep energy costs down.

    most times I like the ones that are closer to the beach 

  6. Thanks for sharing this review. It is good to know about Tiny homes hotel. It’s my first time coming across an article on your blog and as well as my first time of learning about tiny home hotels. I believe I now have got to go to places like Florida in the US and other locations for tiny home hotels. What is the price per night? Thanks this has been helpful. 

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