Tiny Homes On Wheels: Tiny Green Houses.

In my last blog, I discussed sprout and herb gardening and how to go about growing these plants.  If you think about it the equipment used to get this desired effect can be considered miniature greenhouses.  A see-through jar with seeds and water in it served to awaken seeds into germination though it got stored in the dark.

Sometimes a bowl with some earth in it did the same.  Other devices had a container with special lightning that imitated the sun.  Some containers hung on the wall in the direction of the sun that lasted for a minimum of 8 hours.

The purpose of a greenhouse is to keep seeds warm in the dark so they will be awakened after being watered.  Once the sprouts appear and are at a certain length after 3-4 days, you either get them ready for consumption or you transplant them to expose them to the heat of the sun.  So you can see that all the sprout or herb seeds were put into miniature like greenhouses.

Where am I going with this jabbering on greenhouses?  The point is that greenhouses come in all shape and sizes.  This fact is good news for tiny homes on wheels.  You can have a greenhouse that fits inside your home, no matter what the size of your tiny house or, outside near your tiny house if you are allowed to have one there.

Types Of Small Green Houses You Can Make Or Buy.

I am not going to go through all the plant containers I spoke of in my last blog that can be considered as functioning as small greenhouses.  Instead, I will be speaking of other types of small greenhouses.  Some that are homemade and others that are purchased.

Homemade greenhouses are often made from recycled materials such as dressers, display cases, old windows with frames, old aquariums etc. Examples of these can be seen in the pictures below.  Click to enlarge.


Household items such as a plastic rectangular bin can also become a miniature greenhouse once holes have been drilled into them for ventilation.  You can observe this fact in this youtube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y35PVCHVQcM

Even old picture frames can be used to make a small greenhouse like in this youtube video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFC___MBcEY   People also use new materials such as wood and glass to construct their own greenhouse as seen in the picture below.

Small manufactured greenhouses that you assemble yourself may be purchased at Amazon.  These basic frames are sturdy, but sometimes the covering can ripe over time if over-exposed to the wind.

Adding A Green House Compartment To A Tiny Home.

I came across a tiny home on wheels for sell on the internet called The Elsa.  It has a separate trailer compartment that attaches itself to the entrance of the tiny house.  That compartment holds an inexpensive greenhouse.  Should the potential owner move, two drivers will be needed to move both parts away.  Here is a picture.

A more elaborate greenhouse could have been constructed with more wood and glass.  I am not criticizing what has been done, but rather pointing out that there are other options for a greenhouse that connects to a tiny house.  There could even be a greenhouse as big as the tiny house itself and still remain a small greenhouse.

If you are able to create a greenhouse as big has the tiny house above you may be interested in Simon Simple Survival Greenhouse Plans.  It is an e-book on how to build greenhouses, hydro systems, and an aquaponic setup.

Having Any Type Of Greenhouse Is Important To A Tiny Home Owner.

Most tiny home on wheels owners view living sustainable important.  Growing food locally is part of that plan.  Vegetables are close by and don’t have to be transported from a far off place.  The act of gardening reduces the use of gas.  It also provides fresher vegetables to be eaten.  

A Tiny Home Owner Has Many GreenHouse Options.

A tiny home on wheels owner can easily obtain a greenhouse no matter the amount of space or land he or she has access too.  A greenhouse may be built or bought at different sizes making it accessible for many budgets.  A greenhouse is necessary to grow food locally to help protect the environment and have fresh vegetables to eat.

  Pictures were taken from Yahoo Images.

Youtube videos were not created by me.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this topic please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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5 thoughts on “Tiny Homes On Wheels: Tiny Green Houses.”

  1. I liked the idea of your site. I am interested in tiny homes and didn’t know it was about greenhouses until I started reading after clicking on the logo. It does appear you have researched your topic and know about it and offer some really good tips. I liked that you had suggestions about making your own as well. I hadn’t thought about the connection between tiny home owners and wanting to be self sustainable but that makes total sense. Great site and great info.

  2. This is a great idea for a website and doesn’t seem it would be one that would have a lot of competition. I was going to give you a heads up, though, that in your first heading where you say, “Types of green houses you can make orr buy” the “orr” is misspelled and should only have one “r”. Great idea for a site and I am interested in tiny homes but hadn’t thought about a greenhouse I could take with it. Great job for finding what appears to me to be a unique niche and for making it very readable.

    1. Thank you for noticing the mistake with the “Or”.  I must have tapped the letter “r” twice while typing.  I will be reviewing all my articles soon and will be correcting such mistakes.

  3. Simply amazing Marina. I have just made the choice to get one of these for myself considering summer is coming up it would be amazing for my plants! I have decided to use anything I can find and build it with my son as it would be great bonding time and something that will last for a long time if I do it correctly. Man, I can’t wait, thanks for this wonderful article! Oh and my favorite is definitely the first one!

  4. I couldn’t agree more to this article that adding tiny homes as greenhouses is a very great idea   idea for those who don’t have big firms or plots that they can farm and build on. Tiny homes solve that problem and actually add more splendor and beauty in a small compound or even the big one. If I go back to my home country tiny homes would solve a lot more issues in regard to greenhouse farming and each and everyone would be food sufficient all thanks to tiny homes greenhouses.

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