Tiny Plants Meant For Your Tiny Home On Wheels

Tiny home bonsaiMaybe you already have a tiny home on wheels or maybe you don’t.  Either way, imagine making one feel as homey and relaxing as you possibly can.  One way to do so is to introduce plants into the tiny home environment.  Some tiny homes on wheels have small porches and others do not.

There are a number of plants you can choose that do not take up much space wither you have a porch and can grow plants outside or not.  Some plants when left to grow in the ground become invasive; however, once in a pot or container become harmless and tamed.  Plants you thought were just for decoration may also be edible.

If you have trouble getting enough sunlight from your windows to pass on to your plants, you can get special lightening for them, which imitates the rays of the sun.  You probably would prefer to get the natural sun as much as possible, because getting special lightening for plants means bringing in more stuff into your tiny home.  You may or may not have the room for it.

Consider Getting a Bonsai For Your Tiny Home On Wheels.

A bonsai is a small tree or bush that grows in a pot.  They have been around for thousands of years.  These miniature trees are popular in Japan, but the Chinese were also growing Bonsais before them.  Bonsais can be a variety of sizes but the best type for a tiny home I think, is the type that fits in the palm of your hand.  They come in a variety of types like evergreens, deciduous, and even fruit trees.

You could put an indoor bonsai near a window ledge to allow it to get sunshine and where it would not take up too much room.  The bonsai could still be at the center of a table, where it could liven things up while at the same time creating a relaxing atmosphere.

You can plant bonsais from seeds or buy them already grown.  You must check that a bonsai always receives enough water.  The smallest of the bonsais have short roots and cannot drink up too much water at a time.  You may have to give it a little bit of water every day.

A Hanging Tomato Plant Placed Upside-Down Hung From Your Tiny Home On Wheels Ceiling.

Hanging Tomato plants that grow upside down come in a variety of sizes, as well as the containers that hold them.  For your tiny home on wheels, you will most likely want a small variety of tomato plant, such as cherry tomatoes, along with a small container.  Also, make sure the type of tomato plant you choose grows well in a container.

You can buy kits for planting tomatoes upside down, but you can recycle a plastic food container as long as it has been well cleaned out and has a hole at the bottom of it, for the plant to grow out of.  Using water and vinegar is a good way to do so.  Again you do not want too much of a big container if you are growing a small variety.

Some people choose to use hanging coco baskets with holes around ten centimeters (four inches) in length, at the bottom of the frame because they think it looks prettier.  It is a personal matter.  What is important is that you have a way to hang your container once all the preparation for your tomato plant is done.

You will then need a baby tomato plant, some vermiculite, peat moss, and some compost.  Place the plant at the bottom of the container, with the stem sticking a fourth way out and the rest with the roots inside.  Add one-third vermiculite, peat moss, and compost to the container.  Make sure that you build dirt around the root ball of your plant.  Then water and allow it to get a lot of sun.

You will have to train your tomato plant to grow towards the bottom by inserting a stick into the soil.  Tie the plant along the stick as it grows.  If you do not the plant will try to grow upwards.  There are other plants you can grow upside down.  They are cucumbers, eggplants, beans, and peppers.  On the top part of the container, you can grow lettuce, radishes, cress, and herbs.

Contain Invasive Plants By Growing Them In A Pot Or Container.

Some plants will take over a whole garden if left to grow freely in the ground.  Strawberries are such a plant.  Grow them in a pot and the problem is resolved.  Strawberries are often already sold in hanging baskets. All you have to do is buy a basket or two for your tiny home on wheels.  You will not end up with a pile of strawberries from just two plants, but you will have two pretty plants.

Another invasive plant that becomes tame when contained is the herb mint.  There are a couple of types such as peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint etc. You can make herb tea out of them, or add some leaves to a salad.

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